Lola Van Loo: Vocals
Mathilde Sonney: Violin
Greg Turini: Drumms
Lionel Blanc: Keyboard
Loïc Duruz: Guitar
Thibaut Jehanno: Bass
Valery Veings: Guitar

At the end of 2008, Claire-Lyse von Dach, a lyrical singer, decided to look for musicians to build up a symphonic metal band. In February of the following year, ELFERYA was complete and has begun to compose its first titles.

A 4-track EP was released in 2010. The Artwork was directed by Gustavo Sazes (Amaranthe, Arch Enemy, James LaBrie, Gus G.). Critics were promised.

The band then, released the great means to make a first full album worthy by greatest productions. It was released in 2013 and included more classical instruments such as a flute, violin or cello. The result of this album was highly appreciated and got lots of respect by the press, who compared and declared the band as the next successors of Nightwish.

During the concerts ELFERYA showed a lot of energy and full potential. The tour went through European roads, festivals like the Montreux Jazz, Master Symphonic Metal or Parabôle. The band already played on some of the biggest Swiss metal scenes like the Z7 or Les Docks and was the opener for big names like (Epica, Eluveitie, Xandria, Arkona, Serenity, Delain, etc.).

In summer 2014, the second album was already in progress while the dates were settled with the "Summer Fest Tour".

"Eden's Fall" was released in September 2015 with Melody Dylem on vocals. The change of the singer was very well welcomed. The manager of Eluveitie contacted us when he watched our videoclips “With All My Love” and “Cruel Night” and hired these guys immediately for their next videoclip called "Epona".

ELFERYA anyway provided quality on stage and their performances during the Eden's Tour, which also took place at the Metaldays Festival in Slovenia, the Autumn Moon Festival in Germany and the new hard rock/metal front singer Lola Van Loo.

Lola started to play classical piano at age of 6. By inspiration of her dad, who is a rock guitarist, she has gotten used to turn more and more into this kind of music direction and has also began to focus on her vocals. With her 1st project, a j-rock/j-pop band, she‘s singing at one of the most popular events in this scene, called Japan Anime Manga Night 201, where she did the opening for Anli Pollicino from Japan. In 2010, she founded her own band «NEMESIS» which was a melodic-symphonic metal band. At the same time she rehearsed and trained her skills with many rock – hardrock cover bands. In 2014, she entered «SHOOTING ANGELS», an apocalyptic rock/metal band, with whom she‘s had her first breakthrough in Switzerland, also extern. They played more than 20 gigs in less than a year and released 1 EP. Their 1st album was in progress too.
2017, Lola started with the music academy, vocals with a focus in jazz. In June, she joined «ELFERYA» and celebrated their 1st gig at the «AUTUMN MOON FESTIVAL» in Germany. She said: „Here I’m and here WE are! With Elferya I can be myself, I’m at home".

At her age of 5, Math knew that she always wanted to play the violin. Her musical awakening begun at the age of 9 and she started to train her skills on her instrument at the conservatory at the age of 12. Math joined small orchestras, but the classical world didn’t charm her much. Thanks to her apprenticeship at Hug Music in Lausanne, she met Lionel Blanc, a colleague of her work but also the keyboardist by Elferya, who invited her to join the band for the Song „Mystic Land“. And so everything went it’s way. 2011, she officially joined the band Elferya.

Greg began his musical career at the age of 6 as a percussionist and drummer. He started teaching music at the conservatory as a drumming instrumentalist. 
In 2008, he joined "ELFERYA".

Lionel discovered music by the progressive rock bands, that his father was listening to. Also by his mother's classical music. When he discovered the musician Eddie Jobson, he decided that he would like to play the violin and the keyboard. He started violin at the age of 6, studied classical music for about 10 years, and played in orchestras. At the age of 15, he decided to stop with rock. « I‘ve had several bands before, but with «ELFERYA» I experienced the most intense moments in my musical life.»

2002, Loïc started playing the guitar at the age of 13. All by himself. In 2008, he joined the group « CYPHERY » In 2013, he went to the group "DIGGER" with whom he composed and recorded 2 EPs. In January 2016, Loïc contacted the group "ELFERYA" to apply as their 2nd guitarist. At the end of April in 2016, Loïc had his first concert with "ELFERYA" as their new guitarist. He decided to stay definitely.

Thibaut started with music at the age of 9. He primarily begun to play drums before he changed to the bass. He’s played in different groups and did many styles. By its roots, his style was coined by the Celtic influence. He joined «ELFERYA» with his first concert in 2010.

Valery started to play the guitar at the age of 15 as an autodidact. He primarily was the guitarplayer of « LIKE WILDS » with whom he recorded their single album in 1995. He joined "ELFERYA" from the beginning of the formation, in the early 2009. Valery often got invited to play with other groups as such as the tribute band Nirvana « SMELL LIKE K. SPIRIT » with whom he played at the Olympia in Paris in 2014. He also wrote and recorded 2 EPs for the circus team "ALTAIR".